liquid nicotineOne of the things that is clearly evident is there is absolutely no proof that links the inhalation of liquid nicotine with the development of cancer cells.  Indeed, despite far-reaching research efforts to isolate the health effects of smoking on the human body, much is still not completely understood.  A recent study conducted under the auspices of the Department of Medicine, University Hospital, Tronheim, Norway indicates that there is no discernible proof that there are any harmful effects posed by the inhalation of nicotine.  The results of the two-year, long term study failed to show any increase in atherosclerosis, incidents of cancerous tumors, or mortality rates in the test subjects.  More to the point, the same study is looking at the salubrious nature of nicotine in the treatment of symptoms related to a host of conditions from Alzheimer’s to Tourette syndrome.


With nearly 600 additives in the typical traditional cigarette, taking a drag does more than inject a quick infusion of nicotine into your system.  While each and every additive has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for inclusion in food, no testing has been conducted on the effects that burning has on these chemicals.  The truth be told however, adding heat to these compounds results in the production of more than 4,000 different chemical reactions that are also accompanying each hit off of a cigarette.  The noxious fumes that are emitted into the atmosphere have been the catalyst for the development of liquid nicotine delivery systems, vaping electronic cigarettes, against the backdrop of a rising public uproar over the dangers of second hand smoke on non-smokers.


The Advantages of Vaping…


You don’t need to be sold on the advantages of not smoking.  From saving money to being able to taste your food again to having increased concentration have all been cited as compelling reasons for stopping the practice.  That being said however, it’s hard to keep your eye on the prize when the addictive allure of nicotine is constantly tugging at your resolve.  Happily, vaping electronic cigarettes provide an excellent medium for weaning yourself off the habit while keeping the addictions at bay.


The Dangers of Vaping…


Anyone who has ever been forced to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes in front of their parents, as a deterrent to future experimentation after being aught as a kid, can tell you that nicotine overdose is an uncomfortable condition.  While vaping electronic cigarettes is an excellent alternative to smoking the host of chemicals, which are unleashed by burning tobacco caution needs to be exercised lest you risk overdosing.


Just as if you were using nicotine patches in a smoking abatement role, wearing two dozen patches around your waist like a belt will also result in a potential overdose, so it’s imperative that you not exceed the recommended dosage and be on the lookout for signs of overuse like dizziness, headaches, restlessness, and such.